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About me

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When you really think about it, web design isn't that hard.

It's simply the process of writing and organizing HTML/CSS and JavaScript code and making sure all the elements are in the right place.

Which is something many web designers and developers claim they can do, and even though most of them do a great job.

Very few actually understand business or marketing purpose behind a web site or a web application, often making those web products poorly usable.

Whether it is design or technology, we both know how important they are (the design & the app functionality).

And after seeing many developers and clients struggle with this issue for years, I finally decided to combine my years of experience (IT, insurance & finance), education (Master in Marketing), and practice (Design implementation specialist) to create a powerful combination that can help you.

So, if your company wants your web apps:

  1. to look great on any browser and device,
  2. to run smoothly and loads fast,
  3. or just someone capable to free up your time.

Then I'd like to see if I could help you...

And all you need to do is simply click on "Contact", and shoot me a quick message that tells me about your project!

I'll be in touch shortly after that for a quick conversation to see if we're a good fit - and we can get going after that!

P.S. Even if you're not ready right away, please don't hesitate to reach out anyway

Design Implementation Services

"How to free up time to keep on building great apps"

Who need this?

Let's say you are building a web app and you have a nice graphic design for it.

Then, you need someone to apply that graphic design into your app and to perform design to web app implementation.

But, you don’t want just to convert it!

  • You want it to look great on any browser and device.

  • You want it to run smoothly and loads fast.

  • You want someone reliable to free up your time.

  • You want to keep control of your costs.

Here is the process how I do it!

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