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4 Easy Steps to Qualify Your Leads Like a pro

In this FREE manual, you will learn everything you need to know on how to easily and professionally qualify your leads.

I work with graphic designers & developers to help them close High-quality clients.

- Srdjan Matic, The Closer

I am using a High-Ticket Closing approach to double your sales rate of design packages.

- Srdjan Matic, The Closer

I work with designers & developers to help them sell recurring packages.

- Srdjan Matic, The Closer

I work with designers & developers selling high-ticket packages to move into scalable sales settings.

- Srdjan Matic, The Closer

I help graphic designers to close more leads for their packages while freeing up time.

- Srdjan Matic, The Closer

What is closing and how it works?

If you have a running business, that means you have all of the Big Three systems in place. Without each of these systems, no business can be live and operative.

(If you don't have these systems in place, you need to set them up to be operational)

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Lead Generation

This system is all about marketing. First, you need to have someone to sell to. The purpose of this system is to attract enough of the right people.

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This system is all about sales. Second, not all of your leads are really interested in what you offer, but some of them are. So, you must qualify them, if they are a good fit or not.

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This system is about your production or servicing process and delivery. Third, you have to deliver what you promised in marketing, and possibly to overdeliver.

The middle part of The Big Three is closing. That is the part where deals are made, and where the prospect becomes a customer.

About Srdjan

With 20+ years in IT, and 15+ years in web design & development, combined with degree in Marketing, training in High-ticket closing as a mentee of Dan Lok, I got specialized in helping digital entrepreneurs (designers, marketers & insluencers) to dramatically scale while having more free time by closing leads for them.

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