Simple Marketing Funnel Example

by Srdjan Matic
 ~ 4 minutes
Simple Marketing Funnel Example

This is a brief explanation of how marketing funnels work. It contains basic terms and processes, as well as a real-life example.

I think the period of crisis is also the period of extraordinary opportunities, because businesses are getting online massively and solidify their online presence. 

I don't know how familiar you are with marketing funnels, so I'll explain some basics. 

Landing page - that is a special page, which can be with a totally different design, with a purpose to the Lead magnet. Everything written and designed on it is focused on the visitor to download a free opt-in offer. 

Lead magnet - it is anything free related to the main offer. It can be a PDF document, e-book, webinar, free sample or free sample service. The important thing is that the free opt-in offer (lead magnet, incentive) solves some key problems and produces some quick start results. 

Email automation - this service is offered by some providers. At some scale they are free and after that they are premium. Providers are AWeber, Mailchimp, MailerLite,  ConvertKit,  GetResponse and many more. The service contains several modules, but the most important are email collecting forms, email address database and email automation service (sending triggered emails). There is more, but let's take a look to mentioned now.

The Process

  • On an email automation provider website, you create a form for email collecting. 

  • Put that code on your landing page.

  • Store the lead magnet on some repository (Google Drive, your website, Dropbox...) if it is some info product.

  • When a visitor submits his name and email address, that information goes to an email automation provider. 

  • The automation provider sends first automated mail with a download link of a lead magnet. 

Next thing is to drive traffic to that landing page, so that many interested people can download it. 

After you have their name and email address, you continue to communicate with them with further emails. 

Real-life Example

Just for educational purposes, please check my website to see how it works. 

You can unsubscribe at any time! 

  • On the homepage, there is a big banner that promotes a free manual How to Close Like a Pro. 
  • The result that free opt-in offers provide is to educate you on how to Qualify leads you are speaking with like a Pro. 
  • When you click Grab it now button, a popup opens with a form to type in your name and email.
  • That form is connected to my email automation provider. 
  • After submitting, information about the name and email address goes to an email automation provider, and they send you an automated email with a download link to a free manual How to Close Like a Pro.
  • Then you are getting on my list, and the provider will keep on sending you an automated email series (let's say I created 5 or more emails in that series) to offer more value, and occasionally to promote some paid services.